Whiskers of the Nine Realms, or Whiskers for short, is the feline connoisseur of books and companion to author Catherine Milos.

Whiskers had a difficult early life born on the streets. She learned street-smarts and lethal fighting skills to assert her territory and keep herself safe. But the perils of the streets ensnared her young heart and she found herself in trouble. Pregnant at only eight months old, she was devastated by the loss her first litter of kittens. She still races to tend to the tiny mews of kittens, be them real or you-tube videos.

Thankfully, a kind soul found her and she was given veterinary care. Taken in by a local no-kill shelter, she would wait over a year before Catherine entered into her life.

By that time, Whiskers had had enough of the other cats in her foster home and as soon as Catherine put the kennel down, Whiskers walked right in, sat down, and looked at her author expectantly. She knew her mission would be to guide this author to write, and keep writing.

Diva at heart, Whiskers loves keeping her coat shiny and clean. Anytime a camera or phone comes out, Whiskers can’t help but strike a pose.

She hopes to share her experiences with author pets everywhere to help them as they guide their authors to create beautiful books.

Follow her for updates on the honorable life of keeping her author writing, and her book reviews. Only the best books featuring the most cats receive her five cat heads of approval.

Author pets, authors interested in submitting a review, or adoring fans interested in contacting her can email her directly at whiskers@whiskersreads.com.