Today I want to talk about a routine’s place in self care. Most of you know that my brother, FanLew, was recently diagnosed with diabetes. You can imagine our family has been under a lot of stress. We need to take care of ourselves at all times, but it’s especially crucial when things get difficult.

An author pet needs a routine just as much as their author does. Though we may drag our paws to begin one, I’m a firm believer in its importance. Upholding a routine keeps us on an even pace and prevents burnout. So, here are just a few things that you might want to include in your own schedule!

Breaks: It’s hard to stop when you’re caught up in the throes of inspiration, but rest is important. Breaks keep us from pushing ourselves beyond our limits and making life harder in the long run.

Food: While on break, why not grab yourself a snack? Your brain needs fuel to stay focused. It doesn’t always have to be healthy, but your more indulgent treats should be balanced with a healthy but yummy snack. Don’t forget to remind your author that you, too, need a treat to keep you going! No good work is done on an empty stomach.

Play: This one shouldn’t be too hard for any of us author pets. Play is a perfect way to get rid of restless energy that builds up from sitting all day. Take some time to relax and exercise! Maybe invite your author to join you when they seem extra fidgety.

Work: Of course it can’t be all play and no work. A routine is all about balance. With you and your author’s minds clear, make sure to get some actual writing done together. Offer to listen to them brainstorm, and maybe throw in a few of your own ideas.

Author care: Your author needs emotional support as well as your clever brain. Rub up against their legs, give them a cuddle, do something adorable, anything to keep their spirits up. And when they’re absorbed in their project, be sure to remind them when it’s time to take a break.

Self care: Between caring for your author, be sure to take time to yourself. Give yourself a good grooming, keep your creativity alive with daydreaming, or sharpen your skills with hunting practice.

Enough nap time: Keeping your author in check is exhausting! While they’re hard at work, you deserve a good sun-bathed nap until it’s time for your author’s next break. You might be able to convince your author to join you every now and then, but humans tend to be a bit weird about naps.

Schedule vacations. While these might be more spread out than the playtime or snacks, it’s important to remember vacations when you’ve done a lot of work. This can be anything from a small trip outside to an extravagant trip to the local fish market.

With these things balanced altogether, you have a recipe for success. Even when life gets difficult and you need an extra break or playtime session, it’s good to keep your routine in mind and stay on track. Now that my work here is done, please excuse me while I go meow at my author for a snack. 

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