So, I heard about this fans site thing where people offer content to special fans who pay dollars to support them. I thought, “I have fans” and “I am special” and “I deserve support.” After all, these are true and, I mean, look at me. So Cat Dad and I decided to prep a portfolio of photographs and sign up.

Unfortunately, I was not allowed to sign up without a thing called a licence and human identity. When Cat Dad tried to do this on my behalf, because my feline content did not match my Cat Dad’s name, we were rejected for an account. SO… You’ll just have to support me in other ways. If you want to send me treats, toys, beds, and all the lavish gifts my feline self deserves, you can support my author by following her Ko-Fi account or buying her books and then she can buy me things, you can also support my and my brothers’ health by contributing to this GoFUNDMe campaign I’ll leave open because I am getting up there in age (shocking I know I am too beautiful) and will have health issues. If you would like to support me in other ways, you can follow me here on this blog or on Instagram and share my content (or my author’s, too, but let’s be real. You come here for me).

In light of this fan site fail, I will share our portfolio for my fans here. I hope you enjoy some of my best photos! Lots of love XoXo Whiskers

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