Whiskers is Sick

Just when we thought we were out of the woods with my brother Fanlew’s now stable diabetes, I became sick. Over the last few months, I have been bloated and in pain. Author and Cat dad have been working with the amazing vet and giving me all sorts of pills, needles, and powders. I can’t say it is any fun, but they are trying to make me feel better.

I haven’t been able to do much so Author and I have been just resting together (she hasn’t been doing well either, maybe it’s the cold winter weather?). Aside from author, my favourite places to curl up are on the heating vents where it is warmest. My tummy really hurts, but I try to remain stoic for my family.

I have to get an ultrasound. I had one a long time ago, back when I started this blog. The worst part is they shave my beautiful belly. I guess I can endure as I will still be beautiful.

All these treatments cost money, and with Author not able to work anymore because of her disability and COVID affecting our community, it has been difficult to get by. My Cat dad tirelessly works to keep us going, but my ultrasound to figure out what is wrong is just a little out of reach. Cat dad started a GoFundMe to help. It isn’t a big amount, not really, just a few hundred dollars.

You support me just by following me here and on Instagram @whiskersoftheninerealms, and I will forever be grateful. If you happen to be able to share the campaign, I know Cat dad would appreciate it, and so would I.

Here is the campaign link: gf.me/u/zbr9zn

I am thinking of starting an only fans account for cat lovers to help Cat dad with some of these costs. What do you think? Would you follow me there?

Thank you from my heart,


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