Pride Health Update

Phew. This last couple of years has been quite the health journey for my pride. First Author got sick in 2018, then me, then I got better. Then this virus COVID hit. Then the feline King (not cat dad) of our pride got sick and we learned he had diabetes after he had lost almost two pounds in a little under 2 months. With monitoring and treatment, FanLew’s glucose finally levelled out and he stayed twice daily doses of insulin. Until today.

Author is still pretty sick. She wobbles around and sometimes falls down. She sleeps and rests a lot and uses a cool wheelchair to go for the few longer trips and grocery runs she sometimes goes on with Cat Dad and other family and friends. But her people-veterinarians and people are taking good care of her.

Today, the vet called for lowering FanLew’s insulin and monitoring glucose levels everyday for a while. he has gained a lot of weight and has been more lethargic than usual. Cat dad and Author skipped his insulin this morning because it was around 3. I’m not entirely sure what that means, but tonight, with the lower dose, it dipped low pretty quickly and he need extra food three hours after his insulin to boost it back up and perk him up and out of a potential bad hypoglycemic event. He’s being looked after by us all.

My two tabby brothers are constantly near him, sniffing, grooming, and offering comfort and monitoring. As second in command, I’m supervising from high up in the cat tree.

All of this is good news because it may mean that FanLew is in remission! He may no longer be considered diabetic. But let’s not count the poultry before it hatches.

We have to confirm with the vet after some monitoring for the next while before we declare him officially out of the woods.

I hear that the people are getting vaccines for COVID, too. I hope everyone gets a vaccine soon and this horrible illness is put in check like so many others have been thanks to hard-working scientists and people-vets.

I heard that a carrot was running the USA for a while, but now that the vegetable has stopped running USA, and the vaccine is rolling out, things are a little bit better. I’m not sure what any of that means, really. All I know is we have some good book news coming up soon, spring is here and we get to go outside for fresh air again, and my pride health seems to be strengthening.

Thanks for your support and stay tuned for some awesome book news!

With love,


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