Whiskers loves books. She loves the magic of stumbling upon a book unexpectedly, and finding it has meaning for her at that time in her life. She loves all books of every kind. She reads books she chooses  and offers honest reviews. She may, occasionally, review an author pet product.

Whiskers appreciates that you love books too, and understands how hard it is to get your book out there as an author.

While she accepts interviews with author pets and their authors, and may review their book(s), she is not currently accepting book review suggestions.

She carefully selects books like fine wines or catnip, as the mood strikes her.


If you have a pet product you would like Whiskers to review, or would like to be interviewed for the blog, please email



Whiskers’ Rating System

All reviews are honest and based on Whisker’s one to five cat-heads of approval.

Fives can only be achieved when a book has enough cats in the text, and is really really good, or, if a product suits all of Whiskers sensibilities : Reasonable cost, durability, comfort, experience, and aesthetic.