FanLew – The King of Our Pride

Recently, our family received some difficult news. My brother, FanLew was diagnosed with diabetes and is going to need insulin shots twice a day.

Fanchon Lewellyn Salem Milos (or, FanLew,) was the inspiration for Lewis in my author’s Angels of Avalon series. His now passed friend Cinnamon, inspiration for Cheeto in Angels and Avalon, also had diabetes, so we aren’t unfamiliar with this particular struggle. As you can imagine, this is financially stressful as well as emotionally. If you would like to donate anything toward his medical expenses, you can do so via paypal at

I want to tell you a little bit about my brother.

FanLew looks like Toothless the dragon, with his slick black fur, thoughtful green eyes, and chipped fang. The resemblance only stops with his dapper white bowtie.

FanLew came to my author, Catherine, at nine months old. He had been badly injured, his fur was matted in litter, and he had an upper respiratory illness. Every day, my author sat with him in a steam-filled bathroom as he regained his strength. Over time, it became evident that little FanLew didn’t know how to be a cat. He ate when author ate, slept when she slept, and sat at the end of the shower while she showered. So, when I joined the family a few months later, I graciously took it upon myself to teach precious FanLew how to be a cat.

Now, at 11 years old, he is one of the most caring cats I’ve ever met. As the king of our little pride, he accepts new family members (cats, dogs, humans alike) with headbutts and cheekrubs. He loves when children come to visit and patiently watches over them.

He gives the most heartwarming hugs, especially to those who are grieving. His bedtime routine consists of cuddling Author to sleep before marching off on his nightly patrol of the house. We all feel safer knowing he is on the lookout.

While he is regal and kingly, we all have our silly sides. Remember the chipped fang I mentioned? FanLew loves chewing sticks and toys like it’s a battle to the death. The chip doesn’t cause him any pain, but it does give him the appearance of a battle-scarred warrior. His size only contributes to this visage. At eighteen pounds and three feet long, he can reach the top of the counter when he stands on his back legs. Of course, one could take this as a chance to bribe him to retrieve snacks but we would never commit such a naughty deed. I love my brother. He’s a gentle and kindhearted soul with a love for fun. It breaks my family’s hearts that he is suffering right now. Again, if you are interested in contributing to FanLew’s medical fund, you can do so via paypal at I thank you for your support, and for taking time to learn a little bit more about my beloved brother FanLew.


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