Pet interview: Mishka from Editor Lisa Gilliam

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m Mishka, a four-year-old beauty that my mom decided to keep when my cat mom had kittens. My cat mom isn’t with us anymore, so I’m attached to my human mom, but I’m also pretty independent. I’ve recently discovered that I can perch on her shoulders, so that’s our new thing. I think she likes it.

What is your favorite toy?

I’ve never been into toys much, but sometimes my humans get things delivered, and the boxes they arrive in are so comfy! I also like to attack my mom’s feet when they move under a blanket. Sometimes she says it hurts, but I don’t believe her.

What is your favorite food?

My mom feeds me crunchy deliciousness that has a mix of salmon and chicken, so that’s my usual. I don’t overindulge, so she fills up a big bowl for me, and I can eat whenever I want. I have learned what opening a can of tuna sounds like, though, so I get pretty excited when that happens. That’s even better than my usual!

Who is your editor?

Her name is Lisa Gilliam. I only have one name, though. Not sure what that means!

What does your editor edit?

She edits novels in a bunch of different genres. She says she especially likes mystery, science fiction, and fantasy.

Where does your editor do their work?

She works at her desk in our bedroom. The back of the chair sits against the wall, which makes it really easy for me to not fall if I lose my balance when I’m sleeping on her shoulder. I also like to hang out on her lap or next to her laptop while she’s working. The closer proximity to her hands means increased chance of pettings.

What is the best thing about being an editor pet?

She’s home all the time! When she’s working, she stays in the same place for a long time, so I can cuddle up on her lap, her shoulder, or the desk. And if I need some space, the bed is right there, so I can still see her. So many cuddle spots to choose from!

What is the hardest thing about being an editor pet?

She’s home all the time! I love her and everything, but sometimes I need some time to myself, ya know? She also works a lot, so when I do want her attention, she’s sometimes too focused on other things. She gets distracted every now and then, though, so I’m kind of like her supervisor. I sit on her lap with my front paws on the desk so I can watch her and make sure she stays on task.

What does a typical day in your editor pet life look like?

When my editor wakes up, she goes to the kitchen to make her morning tea and breakfast. She doesn’t function well until after that, so I wait for her on her desk chair. I always make her pick me up off the chair so she can sit down (increased chance of pettings). I usually switch between cuddle spots while she’s working, but if I get bored and she doesn’t need supervision, I sit by the window and watch the birds and squirrels. There’s a tree outside the window, so there’s lots of entertainment out there. When she’s done working, she makes dinner, and sometimes she saves me little bites (I still like tuna better). She goes and does random things outside for a while, but I’m not into that, so I just watch the birds or take a nap while I wait for her. After that, we hang out in the living room until bedtime.

Where can people go to find out more about your editor?

She has a lots of different ways to find her, but she likes being contacted through her website best.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

It’s been a while since I’ve had a box to sit in. Can you tell her to buy something about my size please?

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