Pet interview: Daisy from Author ML Erdahl


Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m Daisy, and my parents, after looking at tons of dog pictures on the internet, decided I’m a Chorkie (Chihuahua-Yorkie). The give-away is the majestic hair that sticks out from my neck in all directions. They adopted me from a foster home several years ago and have since doted on my every whim, as they should.

What is your favorite toy?

I’m glad you asked such an important question. First and foremost, it has to squeak. Who doesn’t love a symphony of endless squeaks? No one I know, that’s for sure. My favorite, favorite are my fishies. There are four of them, and whenever they are put away in my toy chest, I have to drag them downstairs to the living room floor where they belong.

What is your favorite food?

The only thing more important than toys is food. I don’t know if I can say what my favorite food is since I eat my meals so fast that I don’t even taste them. If I’m quick, I beat my brother, Skip, at our twice-daily eating competition, and can run over to his bowl and help him finish.

Who is your author?

My author is ML Erdahl. He writes as often as he can, but I do my best to distract him by jumping in his lap and licking his face.

What does your author write?

He writes cozy mysteries set in the outdoors. We walk in the woods a lot, which he calls research. Kinda weird, I know, but he feels better about not writing when he says that.

Skip and Daisy hiking

Where does your author write their stories?

He moves around in an attempt to get comfortable, but he likes to sit on the couch next to me the best. When he’s contemplating a scene, he gives me head scratches, so I’m willing to share the space.

What is the best thing about being an author pet?

Well, since I don’t recognize boundaries, the best part is that I get attention whenever I want by pushing myself into his personal space. He’s also a sucker if I roll on my back for belly scratches.

What is the hardest thing about being an author pet?

Seriously? Nothing! I’m too adorable to ignore, so I get all the attention I need. I have him wrapped around my little finger.

Where should readers go to read your author’s work?

Tons of Places!


Daisy, Skip, and book

If you want to talk to him, you can reach him here.  Just don’t bother him when he’s petting me, okay?


What does a typical day in your author pet life look like?

We are very regimented in our house, and every day must consist of good morning belly rubs, breakfast, play time, nap time, snack time, walk, dinner, nap time, play time, bedtime. Head scratches and extra belly rubs as needed.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Are you done eating that? I could go for a snack.


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