Whisker’s Winter’s Worth

OK, so winter isn’t SO bad.


I have to admit that despite my many woes about winter, there are some worthwhile things for us author pets.

One of these includes more snuggles. If you can make it past the static shock, your authors likely move less and need warmth, so you have more opportunities for snuggles with them. We all know how good a snuggle can be for your health.

Not to mention, it helps your authors. Your authors may work better this winter knowing you are there to snuggle.


Another good thing about winter, at least for nocturnal author pets and authors, is there is more nighttime with shorter days and longer nights. This means more time for writing and play, if you can stay hydrated and warm.

Heat vents

One of my favourite things about winter is the heat vents. During this time of year, the house dragon is going full blast with its hot breath. That warm air blasts heat much more often now that it’s an ice-covered wasteland outside. I’ve suggested to my author we should let the house dragon live upstairs with us, but my suggestions have yet to receive a response.

Couch time

Lots of couch time for your author mean lots more for you. This is one of the benefits of winter, as difficult as it can be to motivate your author off the couch for writing time. Because your author’s energy is sucked out of them during winter like the moisture out of your cells, they often have little energy to do much else than sit on the couch and stare at the picture box. This means you get more quality time with your author.


Because you need more warmth, you need more food in the winter. Your author does to so you’ll be able to share snacks if they’re not too grumpy. You can also convince your author to feed you extra times because they’re too tired to notice they already fed you. Those tactics that no longer work to trick your author or pet-parents of the house can often be reused successfully during this time.

But, that’s about it for great things about winter. Why is it so cold? And dry? And Static-y? I can’t wait for spring.

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