Whisker’s Winter Woes: Tired Authors

So far, we’ve covered my woes of dry air, static, snow, and cold. The final woe I will share with you all is how tired your authors get. While we felines function well in the night, the impact to our authors’ sleep schedules with all that dark can be difficult.

They can get very sad if they don’t see the sun. I think it’s because their eyes can’t see the dark like us, and they don’t have enough fur to keep them properly warm normally. This likely compounds into feeling the cold more significantly than we do. Their bodies then have to try to warm themselves without a proper coat, and the extra energy normally used for living is put into shivering and keeping warm even indoors.

Your authors also share a need to hibernate, which they never answer. This leads to a constantly exhausted state resembling extended after-nap disorientation. Symptoms include irritability, snacking without sharing, staring at the television for longer times, and forgetting you’re in the room.

It can be hard to keep your authors on task due to the impacts of winter. To help motivate them, you can use static, share body heat, and remind them the only way you can move somewhere without winter is if they get writing.

Good luck, author pets, and may you survive this winter.

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