My first author pet conference

I attended my first ever conference! There are few conferences geared at author pets. I want to know about all the hard-working author pets out there. If you are one or know someone who is an exceptional author pet and would like a feature interview on my blog, please contact me.

On July 1, 2020, I attended the Author Pet Show! With Seanan McGuire, Fonda Lee, Annalee Newitz and more! Organized by Charlie Jane Anders and hosted by Maggie Tokuda-Hall.

I have to say, I’ve never been star-struck before by any pet or person, but this conference left me in awe. I may have fan-girled a bit.

There were a myriad of pets from axolotls to garbage cats. They all work hard to support famous and award-winning authors which left my to be read pile much larger. Together with their authors, these amazing pets helped raise funds for #WeLoveBookstores a local independent bookstore Comix Experience while showing off their many talents and revealing their super origin stories.

There were some real tear-jerkers like Chuck Wendig’s dog who had to have a collar removed surgically upon her rescue, Mallory O’Meara’s two cats Sailor and Lula rescued off the streets, and Mike Chen’s sweet River River who didn’t pass greyhound racing school.

There were some heart-warming stories including Meg Elison’s sweat elderly feline who lured a brawler street cat into the house and put her foot down with her less than 7lb self and her brother’s assistance. Way to prove that size doesn’t matter, it’s how sharp your claws are and how ferocious your spirit is. That street cat won’t be intruding on her territory again.

And the talent was amazing! The axolotl didn’t eat and then ran away from the earth worm expertly. River River holds her bladder for twelve hours so as not to interrupt her daytime nap. Tinkerbell the white fluffy feline wears beautiful fairy wings.

Let’s not forget the authors and their hard work. All these author pets must be doing all the right things because every author has won awards and written so many books! My author hasn’t won any awards, but that’s OK because I still love her.

The conference ran out of time, and I wasn’t able to get an answer to my question about how to be the best possible author pet like these ones. I’m sure one day I will crack the secret code for author pet success.

Until then, thank you for continuing to follow me on this journey.

Oh yeah. My author has some new books out in her series. Angels and Avalon is finally complete. I highly recommend Festivities and Familiars.

If you hear about any other great author pet opportunities, drop me a line!

Meow for now.


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