Book Review: A Song Below Water by Bethany C. Morrow

Mermaid and siren lovers this one’s for you! A pawsitively purrfect Young Adult read. Set in Portland Oregon, A Song Below Water is a captivating modern fairy tale that readers have been longing for.

I listened to the delightful audiobook version.

Tavia is a Siren. She has to keep her identity a secret in a world prejudiced against her kind. Effie, Tavia’s best friend, loves the water so much she plays a mermaid in a renaissance fair, following in her late mother’s fins. Tavia and Effie are charming young women with all the joys and issues of growing up: weird skin, young love, a gargoyle perched on their roof… They are also Black and face the added challenges of being Black in a racist world while trying to find out where they belong.

Morrow gives readers a mesmerizing story that compassionately deals with real-world issues with charm. I give it five cat heads of approval.

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