Book Review: Havenfall by Sara Holland

Havenfall by Sara Holland

Have you ever had a book capture your heart? Consume you so completely that you need a two-day nap to catch up on sleep? For me and my author, that was the experience of Havenfall by Sara Holland.

Maddie Marrow spends her summers in the mountains of Colorado. She works for her uncle, a humble innkeeper, who also happens to guard gateways to magical worlds. At the inn, everything is perfect. Maddie can stay far from family tragedy. With her boyfriend Brekken by her side, she is set on becoming Innkeeper one day. But this summer, Maddie is caught in the center of a mystery. A body is discovered. A monster is on the loose, Brekken is missing, and her Uncle is gravely injured. Maddie is left to protect the inn and must uncover some dark secrets in her search for the truth.

Havenfall is a story about breaking down oppressive structures for inclusive ones. The world building is beautiful, and the writing is skillful and fast-paced. Maddie is a bisexual woman who’s ambitious, compassionate, and a fantastic lead. She’s surrounded by a cast of dynamic supporting characters. And while there weren’t many cats, I found the Solarians to be true cat-kin.

With that, Havenfall gets an enthusiastic 5/5 cat heads. My author and I cannot wait for book two. Until then, you’ll find us napping and dreaming about what could be next for Maddie Marrow.

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