Favorite Things: Pet Bed

pink pet bed with leopard print interior

As I have said before, napping is very important to the author pet life. If you don’t take care of yourself and nap as an author pet, you risk not being able to motivate your author and keep them on track with their writing.

Sometimes, you just need the perfect pet bed to nap in. Something soft and comforting, like a hug. My pet bed is circular and pink with a brown leopard print interior. I didn’t have the heart to tell my author and cat dad that I am not a leopard, nor do I have a coat like theirs. But the pet bed is still wonderful.

I’m not always sure what goes through my author and cat dad’s minds. Do they think me a leopard? I am flattered, but a leopard is not a house pet. They should be in the wild with lots of water to swim through, prey to hunt, trees to climb, and the great outdoors to roam. They would not do well in a human home, nor make good author cats. They don’t have the same understanding of humans that us author pets do.

While the wild calls, I am no leopard. But sleeping in my bed reminds me of the love of my humans, and how they think of me as their house leopard.

There’s nothing better than curling up in bed with a good book, and this is the perfect bed to do it in. Its bolstered sides allow me to prop a book up so my paws and arms don’t tire holding their heavy pages. Its middle was likely custom made for me.

I’m not sure where my author and cat dad got the bed, and I’ve been told it is a discontinued product. You won’t be able to have a bed exactly like me, but some of these might work. Just remember to always pick the pink option.

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