Favorite Things: Toys

Catit brand foam balls

One of my favorite pass times is meowing loudly in the middle of the night until my cat dad comes out to play. Sometimes my author comes out but, no offence to her, she’s just not cat dad.

I spend my whole day with my author as she writes. I work hard, nap hard, and purr loudly to ensure she keeps writing. It’s a lot of quality time. I need to connect with other family members in our downtime. Cat dad is so wonderful. He pets me, massages my paws, and gets up and plays with me in the middle of the night. I need to show my appreciation for cat dad by keeping our playtime ours.

During our nighttime quality time, I bring him a toy. Usually, it is one of my pink foam balls. I love to carry it in my paw. It bounces really high, and it’s super light.

Night is the best time because all my brothers are napping so none of them get in the way. Sometimes cat dad even puts them in a room if they wake up so we can have uninterrupted playtime.

Playing with this toy hones my agility and gives me a reason to race about the house at top speed. A lady doesn’t race without good reason. Unlike my brothers, who are always yowling and running into random rooms for no reason at all.
If you want to chase these toys about the house like me, you should get the same kind I do. They are the Catit brand foam balls. But only use the pink ones. Those are the only ones that I use because they are my favorite. They also bounce higher than the other colors. I’m certain of it.

My favorite colors are pink, black, and white. Why? Because those are the colors of my coat and my bean toes.
Make sure all your toys, carrier, pet bed, and everything else is pink if you want to be like me. If you don’t, that’s okay because we all like different things. The toy foam balls come in different colors so you don’t need to fret.

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