Coat Care

I likely have the softest fur of all felines. As you’ve likely noticed from my pictures, my coat always gleams with the darkest black and the purest white. Taking care of your body, your coat, and regular grooming is an important aspect of author pet life. If you don’t take care of your needs, you can’t take care of your author’s. I thought I’d share my routine with you. Let me know how it compares to your author pet self-care grooming routine. Note that some of these may not work for all coat types as ideal routines for fur type, colours, feathers, and styles differ.


It is important to wash your coat regularly. I have baths three to four times a day to ensure each hair is properly cleaned and placed. I do get regular hairballs, so I recommend alerting your author to your intense washing routine and getting some hairball remedies from the vet. I recommend having a friend help reach the hard-to-reach places like behind your head.


A varied diet rich in vitamins, oils, minerals, and proteins will help keep you shining. My coat does best with a balance of red meat, fish, water, and essential vitamins and minerals like taurine. I also avoid foods I’m intolerant of and allergic to. My author helps keep ninety percent of the carbs out of my reach. Sometimes I cave and get into carbs that aren’t good for me but taste delicious. It’s okay to have weaknesses, just be sure to get back on track with a healthy diet as soon as you finish your indulgence.


During the spring, summer, and fall, I take monthly to weekly dust baths. As soon as the ground is dry, I like to find a good section of pavement to bathe in. The key is to really rub the dust in with the right wriggling and angles. A good dust bath helps exfoliate dead skin and work out those hard to reach places. There are also theories that it helps replace pre and probiotics to keep your digestive system working well. Dusting also keeps your territory marked and replenishes the fresh, wild outdoors scent to last you through the year.

Sun bathing

Catching a good beam of sunlight warms the fur and allows the oils to even out. Or, that’s my theory at least. The warmth helps improve circulation and encourage positive fur growth.

Bean toes

it’s important to pay attention to details. Taking care of your claws and toes ensures good coat consistency. Healthy feet are a treat. If you find your pads dry and cracked, you might need a bit of a paw massage and some coconut oil so make sure to ask your author to help.


Getting enough sleep ensures your coat stays soft and shiny. Over-working can lead to stress which leads to greasy fur from all those carbs and stress hormones.

I hope you enjoyed this. This is my own routine and should not be taken as advice. Please consult your vet and author before continuing any treatments, diet changes, or changes to your routine. Thank you for following me and if you liked this article, you can leave a comment. If you’d like to find out more about me and my author pet life, you can also follow me on Instagram @whiskersoftheninerealms.

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