A Quandary: Are Vampires Catkin?

This has long been a quandary I have contemplated: are Vampires catkin?

I hold a special place in my furry heart for the fanged creatures that share the night with us. Their plight is not unlike the average cat. Many live in luxury, many live on the streets struggling for a meal. In stories, usually a nice human sees their beauty, grace, and strength and takes them in.

Like cats, vampires have a taste for blood and a violent side. They assert their authority over territory, and have to often teach young ones hard lessons like ‘don’t touch my stuff’. They have to battle with constant hunger, and always being on the wrong side of the door, waiting to be invited in.

See, cats and vampires, are not dissimilar. Cats and vampires hate garlic, have a sense of dignity (unlike dogs and werewolves), and they love to look their best.

They have keen senses and move quickly. Our eyes are hypnotically beautiful.

In stories, vampires battle over territory, try to find a home, and understand the need to be ruthless. Vampires understand the joys and pleasures in life and don’t deny them. Their origin stories are filled with heartache and struggle – just like every cat I know from the street or a farm (most of the cats I know are from the street, well, really all but two, and I know a lot of cats). Vampires know what they want, when, where and how; they are particular, discerning. They are more loyal than a reader may initially expect.

Vampires also collect precious and shiny objects and watch their humans while they sleep.

The similarities are abound, but, there are a few dissimilarities that make me seriously question this as well.

  • Vampires look like humans.
  • Vampires can turn into rodents with wings.

Alas, I will never be able to resolve this debate…

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