Cats, as you know, are pinnacles of grace. Each leap, step, and swipe of a paw is filled with poise. Humans can study for years and never reach the level of elegance we are naturally born with.

Grace, is an art which requires some innate talent. Unfortunately, my author lacks grace. As she pounds away at her keyboard, fingers flying a mile a minute, she sometimes resembles her ape ancestors. Tongue hanging out or face screwed up with the competing emotions of her characters. Positively ghastly. Thankfully, since she is writing, and because she feed me, I am able to look the other way at her gracelessness.

Us author pets must be kind to our authors, no matter how human they are. Humans were born without fur, bald wriggling worm-like things who can never hope to be as graceful as us.

Alas, as much as we would like to always be graceful, sometimes we too have graceless moments. And so, to make my author feel less alone, I post this graceless photo.


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