The Vet

If you follow my Instagram account, you likely saw that I was at the vet recently.

Now, I am confident in speaking on behalf of all author pets here, we all hate the vet. Our vet may be kind, and nice, and amazing at what they do. Through no fault of their own, the vet clinic is a terrifying place.

We can feel and smell the sorrow and illness, like a human hospital. We can hear the protests of other fellow pets in pain or rage as that needle comes for them, or the vet has pressed a tender spot, or cries of indignation and pleading. Phrases like “I do not want to be here, take me home this instant!” and “I swear I’ll be good. I’ll never eat your engagement ring again. It was just so shiny I couldn’t resist. Please take me home” are commonly heard as we wait for our turn.

I have been under the weather a bit lately, and as is common in cats it is likely some gastrointestinal or pancreatitis thing. I have to admit I’ve hurdled over that ten years point, half-way through my life I can say I have lived these last eight years in the bliss of being an author pet.

My message to you dear author pets is to be comforted by the love and care our authors have for us, even in times of vet visits.

These tests I’m being put through don’t come cheap. They require expensive equipment and time from those lovely veterinarians and their staff. On an author’s income, it can be difficult to pay for what we need. Somehow, our authors always come through.

Now, you probably won’t see me or hear from me for a bit depending on how I am feeling. I just learned recently that I require an ultrasound test. This entails my belly being shaved.

I am definitely not happy about this. In fact, I am devastated. I work so hard to keep my coat in perfect shape, and the last test required a piece of my perfect ruff to be shaved. I am not happy about it, and my author keeps trying to touch it. She seems to take some amusement from it, though I believe she has given up her efforts. My avoidance tactics and evil glares have worked to communicate my ‘no touching’ message clearly.

So adoring fans, please take your fill of my beauty now for it shall be sheltered away until I emerge, once again, with complete fur in tact. Please do not follow my author as she will likely post images of my devastated state. We will likely have many disagreements over this.

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