Perseverance: The Author Pet’s Duty

As an author pet, you must both embody and teach perseverance. In the face of an empty bowl, the day just not going right, or keeping your author on schedule you must persevere. It isn’t always easy. Sometimes you just want to plot an exit strategy, “When can I dart out the door again?” you think. But the cold, wet winter stops you. You change tactics and persevere in a new direction. You might choose to focus on your author, but your author is in that pre-spring funk and focused on other work.

Like me, you may find yourself with a shaved belly, the result of an ultrasound, and your perfect coat is not growing back as fast as you like. This time of year, I am also shedding my winter coat, I keep thinking, “Why coat don’t you just migrate back down to my belly and restore the fur I am due?” Alas, I must persevere.

So I pick up a book, but my nerves are all over the place. My focus requires more focus, which I cannot give in the face of an overactive little brother. He always needs attention. He pops out of nowhere, using his teleportation skills unwisely. He has no manners, nor training. I am expected to bestow this on him, but I have not had the wisdom needed lately. Thankfully one of the other cats, my eldest younger brother, does and so has taken the young cat under his paw. Sometimes quite literally pinning the demon…I mean rascal down in ‘play’.

I have persevered in achieving my naps, the only thing that seems to be working out for me. And I needed to put my job as author cat aside the other day and just spend an hour on my author’s lap wrapped in affection and love. Self-care is most important.

But the message to you, dear author pets is to persevere in the face of uncertainty because one day, that coat will grow back, that brother will grow up (please Bast please), and your author will write that next book.

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