Favorite Things: Bacon Catnip

Favourite cat things bacon catnip

I thought you might appreciate learning about all of my favorite things. Perhaps you’ll find your new favorite thing, author pets. Some of these are new, some are well used. Over the next while, I’ll offer the stories behind these objects which make me wiggle my bean toes in joy, and a few links to where you can find some just like it.

My first favorite thing you may already be familiar with is the famous bacon catnip toy. My author found this in a local shop. The first day she brought it home, I instantly fell in love. See, it’s not just shaped like delicious salty bacon (which I love), it’s also crinkly. Unfortunately, I do not get bacon because it isn’t good for me, but my bacon catnip toy almost makes up for it.

Some of my favorite things are crinkly. There’s just something about the satisfying sound of crinkle that makes me unfurl my claws and curl my bean toes and leaves me kneading and purring in joy. When you pounce on it, it makes the most satisfying sound.

There is nothing more satisfying than crinkly toys and catnip. I love catnip. I roll around in it, eat it, and, in a catnip haze, remember my inner jaguar. The genius who put the two together (crinkly and catnip) into my favorite toy deserves five cat heads of approval. Also, my author would say that crinkly and catnip are alliterative so the words sound good together. Almost as good as the final product, but not quite.

This bacon catnip toy is the perfect size. I can hold it between my paws, all four of them! Its plump, bacon-like body is packed with catnip and it’s made out of fabric where I can see the hand stitching. I can chew on it, sink my claws in, tug and play with it.

It’s so durable. It has lasted me for a number of years and shows no signs of tearing. My author likes the fact that she can throw it into the wash with pet-safe detergent, and it comes out like new all over again.

If you want one for yourself, you could order it from the Cat Connection, or, you could also get a pizza delivered right to your door.

If you’re a dog you could try ZippyPaws pizza slice plushy.

Or if you love bacon like me, canine friends, you could try Grab-a-Bite Plush Bacon Strip Dog Toy.

For other author pets, you seem to have a lack of bacon toys and for this I am truly sorry for you. I believe every author pet should have a bacon toy of their own, and I am sympathetic to your plight. If you have a creative or crafty author, maybe they could make you one? As to how to communicate that desire, you’ll have to use your usual ways of connecting with your author to convey it. Let me know how it works out, and if you other non-canine and non-feline author pets find things that are bacon or pizza shaped that you love, let me know at whiskers@whiskersreads.com.

In the meantime, I’ll be over here with my bacon.

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