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Catit Cabrio carrier

I love reading sci-fi. One of my favorite books was by sci-fi author Diane Duane Book of Night with Moon, and it received five cat heads of approval, just like my favorite carrier. Check out the book review.

Have you ever wanted to exist in a futuristic world? Hover cars, virtual reality and holograms, phasers and lightsabers… The idea is both exciting and terrifying. What will the world look like tomorrow? What inventions will change my life?

Well, my carrier happens to be something from the future. Often referred to as a space pod by my author and the staff at the vet, this space pod contains all my dreams of futuristic travel. It’s light, durable, no metal bars, opens from the top and the front. It comes with removable food and water dishes, a strap to go around your author’s shoulders, and it has a textured floor which makes it easier to stay upright during car rides and massages the bean toes.

It’s super easy to clean and allows free flowing fresh air with all its little vents.

Did I mention it comes in my favorite color, pink? This Catit Cabrio carrier carts me off to the vet and back in sci-fi comfort. All the cats, and even some other non-cat author pets, are always jealous of my carrier.

My handler could use some training… she always misjudges and bumps me into a wall or door. Such a nuisance, but the carrier almost makes up for it.

If you’re interested in this space pod for your carrier, the only concern I have is the plastic window has gotten muddled up over time. It is a bit difficult to see through after several years, but otherwise, it is perfect.

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