Book Review: I AM PUSHEEN THE CAT by Claire Belton

Pusheen is a hard working meme cat. She has her own line of GIFs, plush toys, books, friends, and jewellery and other trinkets. She is my idol. So, when I had the opportunity to read her book, I couldn’t have been happier. I purred, and I purred, and I purred all the way through this book. It is an uplifting book with just the right amount of cats. I appreciate her bright colour schemes and simple rendition of complex themes. I give Pusheen’s book five cat heads of approval.

My favorite Pusheen is Fancy Pusheen. My cat dad has a shirt with fancy Pusheen and her monocle and sometimes he wears it. When he holds me in his arms while wearing this shirt, I imagine myself sitting beside the famous Pusheen.

I think Pusheen should now feature in an epic adventure story where she rescues a sacred cat artifact or the internet. Authors Claire Belton and Andrew Duff have a hardworking author cat, who is also an author herself. Pusheen is definitely a reminder to the world that behind every good book or internet meme is a cat.

I look forward to more comics and GIFS and Pusheen in my life going forward.



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