Helping your author come up with new ideas

Sometimes as an author pet, you’ll need to help your author come up with new ideas for blog posts and books. This can be a particular challenge for author pets because we don’t speak our humans’ language. However, all hope is not lost. We have many things at our disposal. Here are some of the ways I help my author come up with new ideas.


Strike a pose

If you’re like me and have an Instagram or your author takes a lot of pictures of you, you might want to strike a pose to draw their attention and get their author minds working. The right pose can inspire a Michelangelo type creation. Perhaps you assume a rub my belly pose, or a fierce pose, or a happy pose. Each of these conveys emotions which your perceptive author should pick up on. It might just be the right emotion to trigger an ah ha! moment for your author and send them right back to work.


Take a snack break

You likely have a special, complex way of telling your author it’s time for treats or food. Use it. Sometimes an author who is stuck will become unstuck when they get the treats, serve you food, or prepare your food for you. Perhaps the way the light falls on the food in the bowl or the peril of an empty bowl will inspire your author to begin writing that best-selling masterpiece.


Go outside

Sometimes our authors forget there are great outdoors beyond the walls of their writing dens. You must remind them of this, and make sure they take you with if it’s safe to go outside. A walk around the block, an afternoon eating the tastiest luscious grass morsels and throwing it back up, or even a breath of fresh air can help stimulate your author into writing action.


Get your author to clean up

Sometimes our authors can let our litter boxes get stinky, or our toys get stuck under furniture, or their stuff gets in our way. Encourage your author to clean up. If your place isn’t messy enough, pull out your toys, knock stuff off surfaces, or pull the cushions off the couch. This will spring your author into action. They may discipline or scold you, but it’s worth it. Your author will be refreshed and revitalized once they tidy up and will surely begin work on that masterpiece inspired by you.


Play with your author

Sometimes our authors forget that play is an important part of our lives. Try and get your author to play with you, a lot. Lots of play time helps clear your author’s brain and inspires new ideas to flow. Race around together, use toys, sing together, dance together, or whatever it is you do for play. Your writer will be writing in no time.


Nap together

Authors brains work almost as much as ours, and you know how much nap time is needed to keep us sharp. Encourage your author to nap with you. Sometimes they haven’t slept enough and that doesn’t help the writing flow. A cuddle session or solid nap can relax an author enough to stop resisting the creative flow and recharge their grey matter.


Watch TV together

Sometimes someone else’s story can inspire a writer and get the ideas going. Encourage your writer to take a break and watch a film. Soon their minds will be thinking about the plot, characters, setting, and how it is all conveyed in the movie or TV show your watching. You’ll get the opportunity to watch some interesting stories and relax together. If their minds are overloaded, they may only be able to become absorbed in the story. That’s okay too. Remember, authors aren’t like us, they can’t help it sometimes.


Get them to move

Sometimes staying in one place too long can make our authors minds and bodies get stuck. Call to your author and encourage them to move. If you have to sit on their laps, books, desks, or use your desperation cry, do it. Sometimes authors can be stubborn and need a bit of extra attention. Once your author physically unsticks, their mind might unstick too.

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