Pet Interview: Amoni from Author P. Clauss

Amoni from author Penny Clauss

Tell us a bit about yourself.
Hello, I am Amoni. I am a one year old American domestic short-hair cat with dark tortoiseshell markings. I and my litter-mates were rescued as babies out of a park trashcan by kind humans. They helped us grow up and get healthy so that we could find our forever homes. My adopted mom and dad drove an hour to get me when they saw me on Facebook. I arrived at my new home to find a newly acquired kitten sister, who was about my age, and a mom cat that had been terribly lonely (her previous family had been broken up when a very old cat died and the others moved away with their mom). We are a happy cat family now! [sitting contently in her meatloaf position and purring]

What is your favorite toy?
I like to play with anything that catches my eye. But I really like to play chase and tumble with my cat sister and cat mom.

What is your favorite food?
I prefer dry food even though my mom gives us a variety of flavors of canned food twice a day. [licks her lips then a paw]

Who is your author?
She writes under the name P. Clauss. Which isn’t much of a change from her real name, Penny Clauss. She did that so she could keep her Facebook pages straight and have a bit of an alternate identity from her other professional self.

What does your author write?
She writes in multiple genres. Several poems of hers are published in anthologies. Her non-fiction works include several online Christian articles and a collection of devotional booklets. She also has several Science Fiction/Fantasy based novels out in the market, one of which was invited the 2017 AJC Decatur Book Festival and the 2018 BookExpo in New York City. Oh, she also has a collection of children short stories in a book (it’s still only available in e-book format, for now. It was the first book ever that she had self e-published!).

Where does your author write their stories?
She prefers to sit back in her recliner and use her laptop. I like this because when I want, I can camp out on her chest. I’m small enough that she can still see over me and work while I get my time with her. (My cat sister is too big. When she tries to sit on her chest, mom can’t look over her very well!)

What is the best thing about being an author pet?
When she’s home from her other job and she’s writing, that is when she is sitting still long enough that I can curl up on her and get in a long nap time and keep her company with my purring.

What is the hardest thing about being an author pet?
Ah well, [licks a paw and smooths her whiskers] I really have to think about that. I guess the only downside is when dinner is delayed because she is in her groove and needs to get the action in her mind onto the screen before the inspiration takes a nap again.

Where should readers go to read your author’s work?
Most of her books are now on Amazon. There are earlier additions to some of the books that may be floating around on other e-book platforms. But the newer editions and new publications are on Amazon where the reader has a choice between Kindle or paperback formats.

What does a typical day in your author pet life look like?
I sleep most of the night with my mom and dad. Once morning feeding time is over, I usually play chase and tumble with my cat sister and cat mom. If mom is home from her other job and writing, I usually hang out with her until its time to romp and play again. I go through the house and make sure everything is in its place. If it is, and it suits my fancy, then I pull it down to play with it (unless it breaks). If it’s not in its place then I make sure to relocate it even further away. I patrol the doors and make sure the outside cats stay out. Then I cuddle up with my cat mom and cat sister and do some communal grooming then napping. After evening feeding time, we hang out with mom and dad then escort them to bed.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
[cat yawn] Oh, I guess to pass on that I’ve heard mom say she really likes sharing her stories and worlds to readers. She hopes they enjoy her characters and plots! [curls up to take a nap] Oh! [one eye pops open] She’s been working with a self-publisher on a book that she calls the “kitten manuscript”. Apparently, my sister and I are models for some of the characters in it. All I know is that its a children’s book and that its suppose to come out fairly soon. [yawns again] Title and release date will be announced in the near future. [She sleepily licks a paw and slits both eyes] Thank you for listening to my view of life! [curls up and sighs as she purrs herself to sleep]

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