Favorite Things: Crinkle Fish

crinkle fish

Play time is an important part of any author pet life.

I mentioned earlier in my post about my bacon catnip toy that I love the aesthetic experience of crinkle toys. This favorite crinkle fish thing of mine isn’t pink. Shocking, I know. It’s cream colored with blue stripes and blue felt eyes. I can excuse my author for not knowing my favorite color at the time she bought it. We had only just met.

It is fun, comforting, exciting, and it crinkles. It’s a crinkle fish. Similar to those crinkle bags or crinkle tunnels for cats, this well-loved crinkle fish offers me hours of play time.

Whenever I see my fish, I bound towards it and launch myself at it. It makes a satisfying crumply crunchy noise when I land, and it skids across the hard floors. I’ve gotten as far as two meters from start to end point. It was the best slide ever.

This is one of those very old toys we all keep well into our adult years because of the nostalgia it offers us. I got this as my second toy after I adopted my author.

Back then, I was not quite sure I had made the right choice. I didn’t realize there was going to be another cat in the house. We learned to tolerate each other pretty quickly though. I curled up in this crinkle fish on the first day my author placed it in front of me.

It was the final selling point for staying, and it has given me years of reliable joy. My author and cat dad will use dangler toys and poke and wriggle it inside. It engages my hunting senses as I have to use my hearing, eyes, and other senses to carefully estimate where the toy is before I pounce.

Sometimes my author and cat dad toss toys into it. I get the added pleasure of chasing the toys, the crinkle noise as my paws land on it, and sliding across the floor when this happens.

Some of my best days have been spent in the crinkle fish. It’s a good place to contemplate difficult plots, intriguing characters, and reviews of the books I have read.

The crinkle tunnels are fun for feline and rabbits. There are also crinkle toys for dogs and birds. Nearly every author pet can find a crinkle toy to enjoy.

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