Whisker’s Woes of Winter: Dry Air

Do you live in a desert or arid place? Dear Bast why?

Deep winter reminds me of my woes about the season. I live in a frozen desert up to eight months of the year, and I have to wonder why anyone would want to live in such a dry place.When winter sets in where I live, the air becomes so dry it hurts to breathe.

Dust and air become one,and each breath scratches. It sucks the moisture out of every strand of fur.

Your nose, usually comfortably moist, now turns to sandpaper. Your youthful appearance, which you spend hours every day to groom each fur into place and make shine, becomes a lost cause. The winter dry air turns you crispy inside and out, and not the good salty potato chip crispy but the dried-crispy-lizard-husk-in-a-desert kind of way.

Wet food no longer meets your hydration requirements and your bean toes become cracked valleys of despair.

Worst of all, my naps are impeded by the vengeful flare up of my horrendous snore thanks to the dry air.

Those of you author pets facing winter right now, or soon, or ever, remember to keep your authors and yourselves hydrated. Don’t let this woe bring you down, author pets.A great way is to knock over glasses of water onto your author and soak your paws in the puddles they make. Don’t try this outside or near writing and books, though.

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