Whisker’s Winter Woes: Static

Last post, I talked about the winter woe of dry air. Another horrid thing winter can bring is static.

Ever voluntarily acted as a ground for varying voltages of electricity? No? I didn’t think so. Winter turns whiskers into lightning rods for free radicals. Forget cuddling with your author; you’ll electrocute each other so badly you can smell the burn of your fur.

Gone are the naps where you can snuggle under the blankets or roll over in your sleep without waking up. Why? Because these are opportunities for freak miniature lightning storms to make your nose tingle and your fur stand on end.

You start to look like the embodiment of some freaky dust bunny living under Thor God of Thunder’s bed.

If the dry air doesn’t make you want to give up grooming, the static sure will. Who wants to spend hours making your coat gleam if it’s just going to poke up so badly you look like a hedgehog stuck in a light socket seconds later?

We must not despair too much fellow author pets. One good thing is you can use this static to motivate your author to get up. Just chase them around the house and brush up against them or put your nose near theirs. The shock will get them moving right away.

Hmm, maybe Thor has blessed us this season with a taste of his powers, after all.

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