Whisker’s Winter Woes: Snow

Snow. Snow. No! That’s right. Cold water that burns the beans. How does cold burn anyway? It doesn’t make sense.

Snow falls from the skies during winter and builds up on the ground. This prevents you from comfortably going outside the home.

I didn’t believe my author when she told me it was too cold to go out. No, I had to see for myself the barren, frigid tundra the world outside my door had to become. I took four pawsteps out the door and tailed it right back in.
How can I find any greenery to chew for my regular detox routine with that snow in the way? The answer is I can’t. That’s right. Snow turns you into a prisoner and takes the simple joys out of life.

You could try to accessorize with booties, coats, hats, and tail warmers, but let’s be real here, we’re above that. This, dear author pets, is something I don’t have a solution for. The gods don’t listen to my meows and silent protests. Believe me, every year I try.

I guess it’s shiny is about the only good thing?

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