Whisker’s Winter Woes: Cold

Cold. You can catch one because it’s all around you, always. You’re never warm enough, and you can get sick!

I don’t really understand how the cold that makes my bones ache can also give you a cold. But you can get a horrible, sniffly, sneezy, wheezy, not so breezy cold, too. This means your author has to give you medicines. You know how horrible medicines are, author pets.

While that type of cold has a cure, the other type that sits in your bones and bean toe pads doesn’t have a cure. There’s no amount of vent sitting, space heaters, soft and warm beds, or human body heat to make it go away. The only thing that cures that woe is the sun when it melts away the snow.
Make sure you help prevent colds for you and your author by moving somewhere warm and comfortably humid, like a sauna.

Good luck convincing your author. One way you could do this is by sitting on all the adds and words on their papers and books related to warmer climates until they get the hint.

At least you can warm up a bit from the cold. Please say a prayer for all our fellow ferals, strays, and non-pet animals out there in this cold. May they find the warmest warm spot of shelter and not have to come out until spring.

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