In This Quarantine

Oh, Bast, help me. It’s time we address the dreaded quarantine. How ironic that we’ve all come to resent something that, in the beginning, seemed ideal. Authors can finally dedicate more time to their work. Pets now have endless time with their humans. Seems like a match made in heaven, right? Not exactly. Something’s off here.

My author already works from home, so life hasn’t changed much for us. She writes away, and I wait oh, so patiently for the attention to turn to me. But, I’m concerned for her. Author grows tired, and furrows her brow more than she writes. I’ve realized that us pets play a crucial role in this quarantine, and I will fulfill it to the best of my ability.

Of course, like any good leader, I have delegated a part to my brothers. I explained that the world isn’t safe for humans right now. It is of the utmost importance that we keep Author and Catdad home safe and sound. Night and day, my brothers patrol the perimeter and meow in alarm if anything tries getting in or out. They’re not sure what a “virus” looks like but they assure me, nothing of the sort could slip past them. Or so they say. I avert my eyes when they shirk their job for play.

With my brothers busy, I can focus on my primary job: providing comfort and support. Humans are such social creatures and they get itchy when they’re made to isolate. (Yes, even authors!) On the worst of days, I have a scientifically backed routine for care. I snuggle up into Author’s lap, gaze into her eyes, and purr. This slows her heart rate and reminds her to breathe. She relaxes and gives me head scratches.

I admit, from the outside, it doesn’t look like much. Being pampered isn’t exactly a chore, and I say there’s nothing wrong with that. The care of smaller creatures is fulfilling for humans. They provide for us and give warm cuddles. In return, we offer our affection and let them think they’re the alphas. It’s a symbiosis of the most wholesome kind.

And so fellow author pets, I urge you to come to the aid of your humans. Bring them comfort, give kisses, and sit in their lap, even if you don’t fit. Keep it covert, for the sake of their ego, but don’t be afraid to languish in the extra attention. What truly matters is that we show them love. We are their guardians, and it is our duty.

(Besides, they can reach the treats.)

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