Pet Interview: Gavin from Author Erin Bomboy

Gavin Console Table

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I am Gavin, a seven-year-old gray tabby Maine Coon. I currently rule over a small but vibrant kingdom in New York City where my citizens include a man with a cozy lap, a blonde lady who gives me wet food, and a shrill, excitable girl child who seems to have mistaken me for a toy.

What is your favorite toy?
A long, brightly hued ribbon.

What is your favorite food?
Friskies Wild West-flavored treats. They’re the Fritos of the cat world.

Who is your author?
My Author Mommy is Erin Bomboy. She gives me lots of scritchies and fresh water, but she’s always dancing around the apartment, which means she gets under my feet when I go for my daily prowls.

Erin Bomboy

What does your author write?
In addition to writing fiction set in the dance world, Author Mommy also works as a dance critic. Naturally, as a cat, I’m a paragon of grace and poise, but I’ve learned a few things from her like how to increase my ballon when leaping from the console table to the sofa.

What is the best thing about being an author pet?
Author Mommy reads all her work aloud, so I get the scoop on the latest show in New York, plus I’m able to hear a good story without having to leave the comfort of my kingdom.

What is the hardest thing about being an author pet?
A computer usually occupies my Author Mommy’s lap.

Where should readers go to read your author’s work?
Readers can find Author Mommy (Erin Bomboy) at,, and Amazon.

What is your author’s latest book?
Author Mommy’s latest novel, The Pas de Deux: A Classical Ballet Romance, is about the love affair between a ballerina at the end of her career and the much-younger dancer with whom she falls in love. Although there’s more kissing than I’m used to, the story goes beyond the beats and tropes of the romance genre to deal with heavy topics like AIDS and the Armenian Genocide. It takes place in the ‘80s in Los Angeles, and I liked hearing about the fashion and the music. I would have looked totally tubular in a fluorescent-green, popped-collar shirt.

What is your author’s writing process?
On her first drafts, Author Mommy spends a lot of time sighing and staring into space. Once she has that down, she gets smiley because she enjoys the rewriting and editing process.

What do you dislike?
Waking up, hairballs, that one time Author Mommy got me shaved to look like a lion.

How do you practice self-care?
As a cat, my entire existence is devoted to self-care. I keep trying to get humans to understand the importance of a long grooming session, tasty treats, and extended naps, but they seem to think they need to go to work and wash dishes.

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