Favorite Things: Food Bowl

Whisker City Paris cat bowl

The food bowl is one of my favorite things, especially when it is full. Food makes me happy. It tastes good, it feels warm and fills my belly. What’s not to love?

Sometimes, the food bowl is empty. This is the worst possible thing that can happen to an author cat. And it happens a lot. The bowl is empty almost the entire day. It is only full about two times. Those are the two times of my day that I live for. Aside from my author pet duties and napping, of course.

But presentation is very important. When food is being served, it must look beautiful, appetizing, and luxurious. It must also smell delicious, be the right temperature, be the right color, and taste amazing. All of those smells, temperature, appearance, taste can be enhanced by the right pet bowl.

My favorite is my pink bowl. It’s in my favorite color, pink. It’s ceramic which maintains the food at a perfect temperature and adds a sense of quality to a meal. It has words on the outside alongside white and black designs, my other two favorite colors.

This Whisker City® Paris cat bowl also has a matching saucer, which I have as well.

My food bowl is dishwasher safe, so it’s sparkling clean for each meal. It’s also heavy enough that it doesn’t slide around when I eat. Not that I would push it about like my brothers anyway, I’m more couth than that. They rush their meals.

I delicately nibble each morsel, careful not to make a mess. Sometimes I do pull my food out of the bowl, but those are moments when I am doing quality control. A necessary uncouth behavior to ensure quality of the meal.

Since my author pet and cat dad are so dedicated, and I have IBD, I get special food which is always up to my standards. Each morsel is tender and flavorful.

My biggest problem is that for about the hour before I’m fed, I start to get hangry. I admit, I’m not at my best and may swipe at any of my brothers should they come near me with their irritating presence. As a result, I get an hour of just me time in one of the bedrooms to meditate and prepare myself for my meal. I honor Bast during this time with a silent prayer for a full bowl in a pink dish.

My next biggest problem is my love affair with carbs. I love rice cakes, crackers, potato chips, crunchy dry food… but I never get any unless I use all my skills to steal and steal some from the author and cat dad. Sometimes the call of the carb is just too powerful for my self-control, and I risk their displeasure for those tempting carbs. I know they are bad for me, and make me unwell after, but we all have our vices.

If you’re looking for a good, pink pet bowl here are few options:

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