Pet Interview: Presley, Eddie & Otto from Author Margaret Locke

Tell us a bit about yourself.
Presley: I’m mommy’s Maine Coone Mix. I’m a bit shy—devoted to my mom, but not terribly fond of others. I’m also, uh, on the heavy side, but that’s okay. I love food, just like my mommy. I’ve been here the longest. I don’t know why my family brought in those nefarious brother cats – or why Eddie insists on his unrequited love for me. I’m happiest snoozing on mom’s bed. Or in mom’s office. Basically, I’m happiest snoozing.

Otto: Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful. I’m a Norwegian Forest Cat mix, though I’m on the petite side, with glorious fur—the softest fur mommy says she’s ever felt. Just another star in the crown I wear as Otto the Great. I’m the first to come out when people visit. They always ooh and aah over me. I’m “a sweet boy,” according to mom, though she wishes I were a bit more snuggly. I like to be with my people, but not ON my people, you know?

Eddie: My humans call me Eddie the Goofy, but my real name is Edison Xerxes. I’m the smartest one around here. Mom says I look like an Egyptian pharaoh’s cat, all long and sleek and muscular. The vet, whom we loathe, says I’m probably part Bengal. I’m the only one wise enough to stick to short hair; why do those other two want to spend so much time grooming or get so many tangles in their fur? I’d much rather be watching the birds, wrestling with my brother Otto, chasing my own tail, or playing fetch with my mouse toy.

Otto from author Margaret Locke

What is your favorite toy?
Presley: My bed. Oh, it’s not a toy? Well, it’s still my favorite.

Otto: The bumble! It’s a bee-shaped toy that I love to chase! Sometimes I chase it and jump after it so much, I start to pant!

Eddie: My mouse, though I often lose it under that dang sofa. I’m also rather fond of mommy’s ponytail holders and like to steal them and carry them around the house.

What is your favorite food?
Presley: I have to have favorites? I like it all and often steal my brothers’ food.

Otto: I’m a bit finicky and don’t eat nearly as much as my brothers. I have to keep my figure, you know. Those houseflies are a most delectable treat – and fun to catch.

Eddie: Anything I can get mom to wake up and give me in the morning. I don’t know why she won’t get up earlier; I come in every morning around 5 to let her know I’m starving, but she usually throws me out and shuts the door. I will not be deterred, however! I’ll be back tomorrow. I mostly pay attention to my human around foodie time. The rest of the day, I’m happy with my cat life.

Who is your author?
Margaret Locke.

Otto with author Margaret Locke

What does your author write?
Otto: Something called romance. We don’t need such a thing; we’re neutered! And housebound.

Eddie: Otto, more details! I’ve heard mom say some of her books have magic and some are Regency historical. Whatever history is. I live in the moment. And I love Pres. He’s my buddy!

Presley: No, I’m not.

Eddie: You let me sleep by you all the time!

Presley: Only because my arthritis makes it hard for me to move away, whippersnapper.

Where does your author write their stories?
Eddie: She spends her days in the back room, also called the guest room, though she insists it’s her office. The best thing about it is it has a king size bed in it and a window percher, so it’s easy to spend our time with her. We pretend to ignore her much of the time, but we still like to be with her.

Otto: Ignore her? I love to jump up on the keyboard and make sure she’s paying attention!

Presley: When I can hoist myself on the percher near mom’s desk, I headbutt her to get her to pet me. Why does she stare at that flat rectangle thing so much, anyway?

What is the best thing about being an author pet?
Mom is home much of the time!

Presley: And in one place, usually, so I don’t have to lumber after her from room to room, thank goodness.

Otto: She’s got this great desk I love to climb all over, and this thing she calls a printer that’s fun to jump on, because I make it make funny noises. And sometimes I even get it to spit out something mom calls paper!

Eddie: She’s here at my beck and call. I wander in a lot and meow, just to remind her who’s boss. Sometimes I sit on the percher, too, but I’m not paying attention to mom. I’m watching birds.

What is the hardest thing about being an author pet?
Presley: That mom isn’t giving me 100% of her attention all of the time! Plus, sometimes she gets really stressed over something called editing. It’s not her favourite.

Eddie: She spends too much time in that chair and doesn’t feed me enough.

Otto: She always wants to take my picture to post on Instagram, but I don’t like that silly black thing she sticks in my face. Plus, sometimes she shooes me off the keyboard. Unfair!

Where should readers go to read your author’s work?
Mom’s got a website with all her books on it:

Presley from author Margaret Locke

What does a typical day in your author pet life look like?
Eddie: We get mommy up early for our food. Sometimes she sits on the couch to check her phone or talks to our human brother and sister.

Presley: That’s my favourite, because I can sit near or on her!

Otto & Eddie: When she’s in her office, we go back every once in a while to check on her, and then by mid-morning usually are lounging on the bed or on the percher.

Otto: Every so often, I jump up on the desk, so she doesn’t forget about me.

Eddie: I like to meow, to remind her who’s boss.

Otto: When the kids come home, I have to run off to see them. Then mom cooks dinner for her humans – but only after we wheedle our dinner out of her by lacing ourselves in and out of her legs. The threat of death by tripping keeps her task-oriented.

Presley: In the evenings, mom sits on the sofa. Sometimes she works more. Sometimes she reads. Sometimes she spends lots of time on her phone. I don’t care what she does, as long as I can snuggle near her.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Eddie: My mommy’s husband says if he could be any animal, he’d want to be one of mommy’s cats, because she spoils us silly.

Otto: I don’t feel spoiled. Humans should pay homage to my handsome looks.

Presley: Spoiled? What is this? Just because mommy bought me stairs so I could get up and down more easily and got me a heated percher? A senior fellow such as myself deserves such things, don’t I? Besides, mom needs to brush me more. I love it!

Eddie: Of course she spoils us. We deserve it for all the love and affection and amusement we give them. Okay, from me it’s mostly amusement. But that’s a kind of love, right?

Also, you should read her books. She’s smart enough to include animals in every one – though sometimes it’s a dog. Silly human. Cats rule.

Otto: And don’t forget to check out her Instagram – she posts lots of pictures of us there!


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