Pet Interview: Belle, Jasmine, and Fitz from Author Debra-Ann Kummoung

Debra-Ann Kummoung and pets

Tell us a bit about yourself.
Belle – I’m a white German Shepherd. I’m the eldest of my siblings and will turn 10 years old on Halloween. I’m the smallest and daintiest of my siblings. My author calls me her sweetheart but wishes I wasn’t such a noisy girl.
Jasmine – I’m a black German Shepherd. I’m the middle of my siblings and the quietest too. I’m 7 years old. The only time I’m noisy is when I want a biscuit. My author set the rules we get two special treats a week…
Fitz – I’m a sable German Shepherd. I’m the youngest of my siblings and the biggest. I’m 17 months old and over 110 lbs. My author named me after her favorite character.

What is your favorite toy?
Belle – I really don’t play with toys too much anymore. Usually I like the grab a set of interlocking rings and shake them around at something I don’t like on TV.
Jasmine – I just watch Belle bark at TV and look the other way. I’ve pretty much given playing with toys. Fitz always steals them away.
Fitz – Right now my favorite is a set of interlocking rings, but I also have fun with a noiseless ball. Heck, who am I kidding, I have fun just chasing my own tail.

What is your favorite food?
Belle, Jasmine & Fitz – We all get the same brand of food, but we like to think that steal food out of someone else’s bowl makes it taste better.

Who is your author?
Belle, Jasmine & Fitz – Our author is Debra-Ann Kummoung.

What does your author write?
Fitz – What does write mean? I’m new to the whole writing thing.
Jasmine – I’m not sure, something about this Jane Austen. She’s never come to our author’s house so I’m not sure what our author is talking about.
Belle – Our author talks to our dad about Pride and Prejudice. Dad’s said he’s never read it but he really liked our author’s book.

Belle from Debra-Ann Kummoung

Where does your author write their stories?
Jasmine – Usually our author writes in her office. She has this big desk that she likes to sit at.
Belle – It’s this cool room that she keeps blocked off when she’s not home but sometimes Jasmine likes to sneak in. Our author doesn’t like that too much.
Fitz – I like to try and annoy my author when she is trying to write. I’ve learned if I am a good boy and leave her alone, she will give me biscuits for being good.

What is the best thing about being an author pet?
Jasmine & Fitz – Our author lets us lay under her desk as she writes.
Belle – I have free run of the house and my author lets me be.

What is the hardest thing about being an author pet?
Belle, Jasmine & Fitz – Sometimes we want to run and play a lot longer than our author lets us or she will not let us play in the rain. Our author doesn’t like us getting muddy and bringing it into her office.

Belle Jasmine Fitz from Debra-Ann Kummoung 2

Where should readers go to read your author’s work?
Belle, Jasmine & Fitz – Our author said that her book is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Google and a few other places.

What does a typical day in your author pet life look like?
Belle – Our author gets us up early every morning when it’s still dark out and we get to watch the runs while she tries to wake up.
Jasmine – We all lay around waiting for the sun to come up and she puts food down for Fitz while Belle and I go back to sleep on the floor.
Fitz – Around 7:45am our author puts me in a crate so I don’t destroy the house while she is at work. Belle and Jasmine are big girls and have free run of the house. We all lay around until she comes home around 5:30pm and then we get to play and eat and our author wants to write for about an hour before relaxing.

Belle Jasmine Fitz from Debra-Ann Kummoung

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Belle, Jasmine & Fitz – Yes. We like to stay with our author even when Dad is home. Our author has epilepsy and sometimes we feel like she doesn’t feel too good, so we stay with her. Our author is smart and on those days that we stay so close to her, she doesn’t get mad at us, but rests and takes it easy. Our author was the one who gave us our names. Two Disney Princesses and Mr. Darcy.

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