Pet Interview: Glimmer from Author Sheena Austin

Glimmer from Author Sheena Austin

What is your favorite toy?
The red dot thingie and this stick with this big black tail and feathers. I like to carry it around in my mouth and hide it from the other cat.

What is your favorite food?
The crunchies and treats. I try to steal human food, but I haven’t succeeded yet.

Who is your author?
Sheena Austin

What does your author write?
She writes poetry and stories with humans sharing cooties and the kisses.

Where does your author write their stories?
In my room. Her desk is right in front of my big bed.

Glimmer from Author Sheena Austin

What is the best thing about being an author pet?
I get cuddles on demand. When I walk all over her desk, she will stop what she is doing and pet me. Sometimes I get treats.

What is the hardest thing about being an author pet?
She’s always on her computer. I feel like she forgets that I’m around.

Where should readers go to read your author’s work?
The Amazon.

What does a typical day in your author pet life look like?
First thing when my human wakes up I serenade her, and I follow her into the kitchen. I will walk around her until she gives me the treats. I will also give her the head butts then I will go back to bed and lie down on the quilt. If she is home and isn’t working her other job, I like to talk to her. I always wait for her to go to bed. We have this game that she will talk to me to coax me to come to bed and I lead her into the kitchen demanding treats. When she gives in I will follow her to bed and have her or my daddy rub my spot. Sometimes I’ll get up and scratch the door to let me out and then I eat and drink. I then pound on her door and meow to let me back in. We close the door, so the other cat doesn’t come in and steal my spot or keep her awake.

Glimmer from Author Sheena Austin

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
I loves my humans and my sister. My humans saved me from this glass cage four years ago. I was a sad kitty, but my momma has shown me so much love and trust that I want to be around her all the time. I tell her how much I love her every day by talking to her and licking her feet and head butting her.

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