Pet Interview: Orion from Author Erin Casey


Tell us a bit about yourself.
My name is Orion, though Mom likes to call me “fluff nugget” too. I’m a turquoise greencheek conure and a preening machine. I live with six other birds, though there used to only be three of us. Mom just keeps rescuing my brothers and sisters and bringing them home. Luna and Apollo are ring neck doves who were already there when Mommy adopted me. I think it’s funny because Apollo likes to poof up like a giant chicken when I get near him. At least he’s letting me start to preen him a little. Luna’s a daredevil who likes to dive bomb Mom. I don’t tell her, but I think it’s kind of funny. Then Mom brought home this really pretty white dove named Nova. She’s my best friend. We preen each other and snuggle up together. I won’t let anything happen to her!

Orion and Nova

Mama also rescued three zebra finches named Zeus, Athena, and Venus. They are so much fun to chase! I know Mommy doesn’t like it, but I can’t help it. They’re so fast! But when one of them got out, all I did was preen her and help Mommy get her back to the cage. Athena went to sleep and never woke about a year ago. Mama still gets sad when she talks about her. And then finally there’s Aladdin. *Sigh*. Aladdin is a sun conure that Mommy got after he was stuck at a store for 10 months. He likes to bite my toes, and I don’t like it one bit! But, we’re trying to get along. We take baths together and try to share Mommy, but no matter what, she’s mine.
But anyway, here’s the whole flock together!

Orion and flock

What is your favorite toy?
Anything with bells! I like to wear them on my head like a hat. But I also like to chase around balls with bells in them. When I get tired, Mommy cuddles me which is the best part!

What is your favorite food?
Nutriberries! They’re so good and I can hold them in my talons! I also like sharing food with Mom, especially cherries, strawberries, and carrots. I also steal popcorn from her and her friends.

Orion and popcorn

Who is your author?
My Mommy is author Erin Casey.

What does your author write?
She likes to write fantasy stories. I think it’s because she says I’m her little dragon, so of course she has to write about me. Sometimes she talks to herself and uses different voices when she’s writing. I don’t know if she’s trying to talk to me or she’s having a one-sided conversation! She’s really excited because she’s publishing her first book, an urban fantasy called The Purple Door District. She’s also querying a YA LGBT fantasy novel. I’m happy she’s so excited, but I know it makes her sad when she gets rejection letters.

Where does your author write their stories?
All over the place! In the aviary with us. She writes at the kitchen table with a fake candle on. At least, I think it’s fake. It flickers, which scares me sometimes. I like it when she writes on the couch because then I get to snuggle with her.

What is the best thing about being an author pet?
The snuggles at her computer! It’s so nice and warm. Mommy will let me curl up against her hands and preen me while she’s writing. Sometimes I’ll fall asleep against her hand when she’s playing with the mouse. She’s so comfy!

Orion getting snuggles

What is the hardest thing about being an author pet?
Mommy is gone a lot because she can’t afford to be a full-time author yet. She has a full-time job away from home, and she helps a lot of people with their writing. I hope she sells a lot of books, or more people help her on her patreon site! She keeps telling us that once she’s a full-time author, she can spend more time with us at home, and get us even more toys! But really, I just want my mommy home to cuddle and kiss me.

Where should readers go to read your author’s work?
Mommy has a lot of places where she posts her writing! You can also be friends with her on Twitter and Facebook. She really likes meeting new people. You should look at her patreon account because she’s putting up her new book there early! Please help her so she can stay home with me.
Twitter- @erincasey09
Facebook- @erincaseyauthor
Instagram- @erincaseyauthor
Indiegogo –
Amazon –
You can also see more stories about me at @erincasey09

What does a typical day in your author pet life look like?
I get up in the morning with Mommy. She comes into my room and turns on the lights then she takes me out of my cage to give me kisses. When she can write at home, I stay out of the cage with her ALL day. I curl up on her arm, and I eat nutriberries on top of her computer. She doesn’t even mind when the seeds get stuck in her keyboard! When she takes breaks from writing, she throws my toy balls around so I can chase them. I share lunch with her and munch on carrots and fruits. Sometimes she’ll even give me a piece of popcorn! I stay up with her until 9pm when it’s my bedtime. Then Mommy kisses me goodnight and puts me back in my cage. Sometimes I have to share her with my brothers, but that’s okay. I know Mommy loves me.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
I know a lot of people think that birds can’t be pets. They like dogs and cats better. But my mommy loves me so much. Even when she has bad days, she’ll take me into her bedroom and let me sleep on her face while she relaxes. I just want my mommy to be happy because then I’m happy too!

Orion and Erin

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