Book Review: Protecting the Dead

Protecting the Dead

My author informs me that a good review needs a bit of an overview of the book without spoilers. So I will try to do my best to provide that to you, though, let’s be realistic, the only thing you’re actually interested in is what I think about the books I read right?

Katherine Gilbert’s Protecting the Dead features main character Lydia, a young woman who escaped a horrific childhood and just wants a normal life. She reinvents herself as Linda and finds herself a job at a care home that turns out to be anything but normal. Her boss is a total hunk (and magical). Her residents all are very strange and come in all shapes and sizes. Even her apartment is odd with a loud noisy closet that apologizes to her when she tells it to stop making noise in desperation for sleep. When she meets her first long-term resident, Glory, Lydia-now-Linda swears she hears Glory’s cats speak.

When reality crashes in on her and she realizes that she is surrounded by magical creatures and an evil demon and his overlord are out to get her, Linda must accept that she just isn’t normal. She accepts she will never escape her supernatural world and accepts her real identity as Lydia again. As she struggles with her romantic feelings for her boss who is more than he seems, she must also find the strength to face off against the darkest evils from her past to save the care home residents, and the world.

My sensibilities were pandered in this paranormal romance with the voluminous appearance of key feline characters. There are werecats and magical cat-angels whose hair coating protects against demonic and evil influences.

I have tried many times to explain to my author the benefits of the layers of cat hair on her before. She doesn’t buy it. Perhaps this book will help to explain to her the powerful mystical properties of cat hair better than I can.

I am pleased to give this novel a strong five cat heads of approval. If you’re a feline trying to convince your human of the benefit of your hair coating everything, this is the right book for you. It’s also a good read if you like paranormal elements, angels and demons, paranormal romance, and good reads with cats in them.

Author Katherine Gilbert’s feline companions will be featured in an interview early next month. You’ll want to return to read it, for sure.

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