Author Pet Life


There is a love almost as strong as my love for books. It is my love for my bacon catnip toy. Being an author cat has its payoffs. Though, it is tough work being an author pet. Writers can be absent minded lost in their writing worlds Make sure your author practices self-care and that you remind them to take breaks. Sometimes, you might have to walk across the keyboard.


After editing my author is going to take me outside for a bit. Then she promises she will write more. I agree with this and am just waiting until we can go eat the foliage and trying to decide which book I shall review next. Life as an author pet involves a lot of waiting. Good things to those who wait. #authorsofinstagram #authorcat #whiskersoftheninerealms #books #cats

Not Pleased

Sometimes as an author pet, we are not pleased by our authors. This is life and eventually, once the frustration ebbs and treats are provided, we must come around and resume our duty. It’s okay to be upset, just don’t hold on to it too tightly. It will stop you from enjoying treats.   Whiskers …