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Cats, as you know, are pinnacles of grace. Each leap, step, and swipe of a paw is filled with poise. Humans can study for years and never reach the level of elegance we are naturally born with. Grace, is an art which requires some innate talent. Unfortunately, my author lacks grace. As she pounds away …


Happy New Year! I plan to kick it off with self care and rest. My author has a lot of stories under way so I get much needed relaxation time. I have some big news for 2018 soon so stay tuned. (Whiskers note – big news was getting this awesome website) #bookreviews #authorcat #catsofinstagram#cats #books #rest

Holiday Greetings

Hello fellow author pets cats dogs hamster bird and all other assortment of author guides. I hope you are having a lovely holiday season. Make sure your authors make time to write to keep them on track and get those stories and books done. Also make sure they give you many treats. You have earned it. Happy Holidays